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Be Note Perfect When Singing

Notebashers vocal rehearsal CDs, for choristers and principals, are practice tracks providing music only versions of your opera with your part predominant. So if you want to sing but can't read music, this is the perfect solution. Accompaniment CDs of each complete work are also available.

I specialise in Gilbert and Sullivan operas, but also have other items in stock including works by Edward German, Mozart, Bizet, Strauss, Offenbach and many more. Please check the relevant catalogue pages to find the music you are after, or send a message via the contact page detailing what you are after for bespoke material.

We now have a number of orchestral backing tracks for individual songs. The recordings allow performers to rehearse and even take to the stage without the need for a full, live orchestra. Click on 'Catalogue: Orchestral Backing' to the left of this page to see what we have, and to hear a sample.
Orchestral backing for full operas coming soon...

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Part singing can be very difficult - the answer is Notebashers CDs for you to practice your vocal part without the distraction of hearing the more dominant lines. Rehearse at home, or even in the car on the way to work.

Choristers can be confident that they can hold their line even when surrounded by others singing different parts. Principals can enhance their performance.

Full work CDs cost only £15 and compilation CDs cost only £18 (due to extra work compiling custom made CDs) and include delivery for UK (extra postage cost for overseas). I accept payment by cheque through post or by electronic bank transfer (please ask for bank details). Special commissions are negotiable.

Bespoke compilations can be supplied, and I am happy to undertake special commissions.

To order, simply click on the link on the left or to make any further enquiries, click on the contact us button.

The recent increase in price is due to the rise in postage costs.

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